Medical sales career consultation, resume & profile page optimization
Career consultation, resume / LinkedIn profile development     $595.00

Scott Grillo will interview you, provide feedback on your career history, best options for your future consideration, create a world class and effective resume and LinkedIn profile that maximizes your chances of being discovered instantly by recruiters and other hiring professionals who are looking for you every day via the new way of finding talent; LinkedIn.  Mr. Grillo will provide 1 hour of initial phone consultation to gather information related to your career experience, products sold, key markets, key customers, rankings and performance, how to handle career "issues", how to interview, what to say in an interview, what not to say in an interview, how to deal with recruiters,  discuss why much of what you have done in the past has hurt you, not helped you,  why much of correct job seeking is counter intuitive and leave you with a fresh perspective and better chance of getting that perfect job.  Mr. Grillo will first need to review your existing resume before accepting this engagement and will not accept the consultation fee if he feels there would be minimal benefit to you based on his efforts.

Please email your word resume to Mr. Grillo and request a pre-consult evaluation at 
  Professional Recruiting Network, Inc.
Create a World Class  SALES RESUME & LINKED IN PROFILE PAGE and get discovered!

  • Sales Career Evaluation
  • Sales Resume & Linked In Profile page Design 
  • Get "Screened In"
  • Correctly Present your Rankings
  • Secure more interviews
  • Eliminate Common Resume Errors
Since 1996, PRN has been recruiting for major medical device industry manufacturers and has placed over 800 sales professionals with over 300 medical industry manufacturers. We have taken over 3,500 job orders, read and evaluated over 55,000 medical  sales resumes leading to our ability to understand how best to create them for our clients.
Your resume and profile page are the key to finding your next and best job

You are looking for a job and the first thing you think of is to spiff up your resume and contact a "list of recruiters".   These is the least effective and often counterproductive ways to find a new job.  If you were trying to sell your green mini van with a/c and dual sliding side doors, would you get out the phone book and call everyone in your city looking for a buyer?  Would you be receptive to receiving that call if you were in the market for a porsche 911?

The best way to find a job is to have the job find you by promoting yourself and your critical skill sets in the place the employers and recruiters are looking for you;  Linked in.  The key to your success is the content and format of your resume and profile page.

Resume services, your peers and even your sales manager are inexperienced when it comes to understanding hiring criteria for industry specific jobs, and there are hundreds if not a thousand medical device industry recruiters who all work for a limited number of employers with very, very specific hiring needs. Your call is a waste of their time unless they have a job for you at that exact time, and the odds of any one agency having a match for you is staggeringly small. 

It's not just about talent,  you need talent and certain skills and experiences that the employers who make the hiring decision demand, without these skills and experiences concisely visible, you will not get the call or the interview. HR runs ads, but the real hiring decision makers know they don't work and use recruiters to proactively locate and screen candidates with those unique skills. The recruiters do key word searches on Linked In for their target candidate profiles every day based on very specific keywords that are completely missing, or under represented on most resumes, and even more so on most Linked In profile pages.  

So where do you go to enhance your Linked In profile and resume?

Not Linked in..Linked in actually gives the wrong advice when it comes to profile content. Not surprising, as they don't recruit for a living.  Resume services are even worse; they have never represented employers, done searches or taken job orders.  Some of the most ineffective resumes we have received come from "professional services".   They feed your ego, but are worthless in terms of proactive screening during the recruitment process

Even some recruiters give poor advice about resumes, but at minimum they understand much more than the "pros".

Instead of looking for a job,  it is possible, with a few simple upgrades to your resume and Linked In profile page,  to help the recruiters and the job find YOU.  

Over 22 years of Medical Industry sales recruiting, PRN has  developed a client validated methodology for enhancing the visibility of the key "screen in" information on sales resumes and LinkedIn profile pages and also eliminating the useless information that only serves to distract the recruiter.   After taking over 8,500 job orders from over 1,000 employers, we understand what they need to see and how to present critical information honestly and effectively so that you are exposed to the most opportunities and the best jobs.

Now more than ever, the need for professional, industry and title specific resume development support exists. PRN's industry consultants can now help you develop a world class sales resume that will maximize your chances of getting more interviews with the best employers by putting your best foot forward on paper.