Professional Recruiting Network, Inc.
Thank you for your interest in pursuing a new sales position and learning more about how PRN can assist you advance in your career in the medical device industry.  We have placed over 800 sales representatives with over 200 of the 1,000 medical device manufacturers and have contacts with literally 4,000 + hiring managers with each of these companies.  Once your resume is on file with PRN you will hear from us if we are working on an opportunity you are qualified for, that  arises in your area the represents a move up in money and challenge.

Already in medical device or pharmaceutical sales? 

We can teach you how consulting resume services and calling a "list of recruiters" is actually counter productive and a waste of time by maximizing the content and format of your resume and linked in profile where 1,000 or more recruiters are looking for YOU.

Just graduating college or new to our industry?  

Click on ENTRY JOBS  and learn about career paths in our industry and how to qualify for the best jobs.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting interviews? 

  • Improve the quality of the content and format of your Resume and LinkedIn Profile page

95% of the Linked In profiles we review and resumes we read do not contain even the basic information our clients are looking for to screen you in.  Ironically, the worst resumes have been created by "professional" resume services that don't understand sales recruiting criteria and charge you from $400 - $2,000 to destroy your marketability because they fail to address critical questions that are needed before you get the interview.

Ever single job opening in our industry is being represented by outside independent recruiters, who look for their target candidates on Linked even more than their own databases today,  so if your complete job history including the most sought after skill set keywords is not  on Linked in, you are going to be passed over..

We know how to present that data to maximize your chances of getting an interview with the most employers.

Check out our RESUME SUPPORT section for some free advise and paid resume support options.